Welcome to Man Cave Madness

Man Cave Madness has everything you need for your mancave. We are passionate about providing Melbourne and international mancaves with all that they need to turn their spare room, shed, or garage into the perfect space. Sourced from US and German manufacturers, our man cave products help Campbellfield locals relax after a long day in the office, or on the few spare hours they get during the weekend.

Everything You Need for your Man Cave

At Man Cave Madness we know what makes a great mancave. From pinball machines, to arcade games, diner booths, bar stools, tables, and neon lights, we have all that you will ever need to turn a bare room into a place that is entirely your own domain. To help add class and character to your private space we proudly stock authentic vintage and collectable items from the early 1900s.

Our Products and Amusement Games

To keep your man cave working Man Cave Madness has a skilled technician on-hand to repair and maintain our pinball and arcade machines. Our in-store technician ensures all products are in great working order.

Man Cave Madness can also customise stools, signs and lights in store to keep up with client demands and to provide affordable options. To decorate your man cave with the best amusement games in Melbourne, and worldwide, get in touch with us on 03 9357 9813.