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We are the sole Australian distributor for Sound Leisure UK.

The Peacock SL45 Vinyl Jukebox is named after a pre-war classic jukebox from 1941, the Wurlitzer 850 ‘Peacock’. The original 850’s is now extremely rare, but is still regarded as a model which heralded a new era in jukebox aesthetics, influencing everything which followed. It came to be known simply as the ‘Peacock’, a nickname derived from art nouveau artwork it featured depicting two peacocks perched and a branch.

Our beautiful Peacock is Sound Leisure’s premium model, hand crafted from the finest quality wood and finished with brushed gold finish cabinet adornments and stunning graphics inspired by the original Peacock jukebox. This piece is striking, elegant and luxurious in equal measure.

The vinyl playing SL45 Peacock Jukebox combines a beautiful hand polished wooden cabinet with brushed gold finish aluminium castings and art-nouveau graphics. It takes its artwork and material influences from the legendary Wurlitzer 850 ‘Peacock’ jukebox produced in the early 1940’s.

Just like the original, this jukebox is a statement piece, designed to hold court in its chosen location, and just like the original it’s finished in a stunning blonde veneer which gives it an ethereal glow when combined with the jukebox lighting.

The original ‘Peacock’ played just 24 selections, but thanks to our amazing S3 Unity technology we’ve managed to up the game to 70x 7” singes giving 140 selections in total. The Jukebox is supplied many of our most popular ‘add ons’ and accessories including Diamond Pack Lighting and a fully functioning coin mechanism. It also features a Bluetooth receiver, microphone input and can be linked to smart technologies via the aux input or aux output. Low voltage LED illumination ensures that the colour of the lighting can be adjusted to suit your mood, and external matching speakers can be connected and controlled independently from the jukebox. A beautiful marriage combining modern technology with the authentic essence of yesteryear, the Peacock jukebox brings life, colour, and a splash of luxury into any home or location.

Sound Leisure is the world’s leading Classic Jukebox manufacturer, producing unique, hand-built jukeboxes from its UK base while also supplying a selection of games room products and accessories. Sound Leisure refines and refreshes the legendary designs of the 1940s and 50s to create jukeboxes of uncompromising quality that are contemporary, full of soul and the real deal. It also offers the only bespoke jukebox build service in the world via its Custom Shop service, producing one off and low volume custom jukeboxes based on our extensive range of cabinets and models.


  • Hand built in the UK.
  • Wood formed cabinet with brushed gold coloured aluminium decorative fittings and speaker grille.
  • Aluminium / zinc cast decorative cabinet adornments finished in brushed gold
  • Unique ‘Peacock’ artwork in jukebox pilasters and internal areas, only available on this model
  • 70 x 7” singles capacity (140 selections).
  • Integrated Bluetooth receiver.
  • Diamond Pack lighting system.
  • 4 x 60 watt stereo amplifier (set to 2 x stereo channels) Bass, Treble and Mid control. Aux ‘out’
  • Sleep power mode.
  • Auto power off timer.
  • ‘Aux’ input for external devices.
  • Microphone input.
  • Full remote control operation for song selection, volume, shuffle mode, mute, auxiliary device switching.
  • Fully operational coin mechanism, available for most international currencies. (optional extra)


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